About SENDac

SENDac (as its forerunner NAAOSEN) has developed over recent years into an electronic network that allows instant communication between its members on urgent topics: this network continues.

It provides useful updates and documentation (electronically) on what is happening nationally, and operates as a forum for the exchange of locally produced materials.

In pursuance of its aim to 'provide a voice for officers and advisers working in special educational needs, including those working in the wider field of 'additional educational needs', the association also endeavours to influence government thinking.

We strive to respond to all consultations and participate in national working parties where our representatives are able to contribute after consultation with the membership through the electronic network.

The association has strong links with other bodies such as NASEN and is the official SEN arm of NAEIAC, although it operates as an independent organisation.

Our joint publishing venture with Christ Church University College gave rise to the book 'Support Services and Mainstream Schools' published by David Fulton (2004), which anticipated changes in the way that support would be provided in all schools.

"A new and diverse role is emerging for Support Services, yet many schools and early years settings are unaware of the wealth of specialist skills and expertise contained therein. The editors have drawn together contributions from experienced colleagues working in a variety of roles within special educational needs. They illustrate how Support Services and schools can work together to develop best inclusive practice and enable children to thrive both socially and academically."